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Not much has changed with all that is going on. I am staying really quiet lately in light of the polygamy law that is up for debate in Canada. I don't want them finding out about it and using it against me.

I think at this point they are trying to keep their distance and not ask questions. It's sort of a respect for our space thing. Which is fine with me.

Yesterday Mono picked me up for our Valentine's date. I stood outside with a bouquet of flowers and my over night bag. My dad drove by in the car with my son, as he had picked him up for school and took him to their house to watch the opening of the olympics, eat some supper and have him over night. He pullded over and said nothing. Just opened the car window so I could say hi to my boy and give him a kiss and chat. My dad looked me up and down like I was a street worker waiting for a John. I was jolly enough, cause really what else could I be, and told them to have fun and enjoy the olympics. He shut the window without a word and drove off. I had, yet again, that feeling of a golf ball stuck in my throat. I have that a lot with them where my son is concerned.

Ya, not much has changed. It's silent judgement now. I try to tell myself that is better... but really I want it to be okay. I doubt it ever will be.
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