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Originally Posted by NowIKnow View Post
There could be some truth here. Maybe I'm mistaking infatuation for love? I've done that before in my younger years. I'd like to think I'm not making that same mistake again.
I would do some thinking on what this distinction means to you, and if it means what you intend for it to mean.

I love my ex, AD. She and I dated for a few years in my twenties. We have been reacquainted and have become friends but she is not poly-friendly so it can't go anywhere. However, I love her very much. When I see her she melts me and I am taken back to a place very precious to me. Now, am I going to date her and live with her? Oh no, that would end horribly, but I love her very much. The fact that she and I will probably never live together doesn't change the fact that I love her nor does it lessen the validity of my feelings...

I mention this because it might serve you to be a bit more precise in what you are looking for and a bit less dismissive of your feelings. Infatuation is just a part of love, in my opinion, a monumentally important aspect of it. So is comfort and quiet, so it sexual passion, so is sharing interests and goals. I don't need to have all of the aspects of love realized for it to be considered romantic love...
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