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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
The desire isn't rare, finding women willing to enter into.such a relationship is rare. The ones I've seen that actually lasted just formed organically and the weren't closed
It's certainly popular to *want* a successful triad/quad/unicorn utopia, but it doesn't surprise me to see that they frequently have serious issues. It's a matter of the expectations going in when the goal is to "have an equal triad" or to "bring in a girl who loves my wife and I" it seems clear enough that the number of pieces which need to flawlessly fit together are far greater than an organic relationship.

I am in total agreement though, a group of people who fall into what could be classified as a triad or quad is completely different from the formula hunters I've seen. If it works, let it work and that is fantastic... but assuming that a perfect romantic union is going to happen between a group of people is quite an expectation.
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