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I roll my eyes at stuff like this. I do not own anyone, and it should not matter what I refer to them as. If I want to refer to my husband as DH, his given name, Mr. this/that, my Aussie Adonis, or whatever, it has nothing to do with owning him or even the next person. OP, I am wondering why that person cares how you refer to someone? Your choice should be respected.

In the case of my DH, that is who he is in relation to me. IDGAF about assumptions. It is simply reverence to our commitment, marriage, and his role in my life. I am not going all out of the way to refer to him as that man that I married back in '02 or that dude I married and had children with. It lessens what makes him unique and special to me and lumps him with random people who do not mean anything to me. Do I call him my DH to people who know him? No, I refer to him by his name. To strangers or acquaintances who may not remember his name, my husband, x, suffices.

For the record, I do the same thing with my mum, my daddy, and my siblings. (Just did it.) I have four siblings, and we all add the "my" in front of mum/daddy.
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