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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
To me? "Polyamorous" is the desire/capacity to love more than one at a time.

So you love your wife and your friend. Great. You are polyamorous. You state they are not poly -- they sound like they are monoamorous to me.

Your wife and friend may be fine with you sharing how you feel. But that doesn't mean they feel the same BACK or want to be in a polyship with you as a hinge. So at this point in time? You wife loves you and is married to you. Your friend is your friend.

You are a married polyamorous person that has a crush on friend. Both friend and wife are aware of that. Both friend and wife are monoamorous.

Sex doesn't have to be involved at all. A polyamorous person could be single and not sexually active and still have the desire/capacity to love more than one.


I hate the idea of it just being a crush. I've known my friend for 7 years now and it just seems every year we've become closer friends.

There could be some truth here. Maybe I'm mistaking infatuation for love? I've done that before in my younger years. I'd like to think I'm not making that same mistake again.

I've resigned myself to accepting that we will just be friends and I truly do want my friend to find that person she is looking for...and I know it is NOT me.
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