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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Sorry to be blunt - but who told you this? The Tarot? Divine Guidance? The Wicked Witch of the West? Or is it just a 'feeling'?

In my experience this sort of blind belief in 'destiny' (or whatever you call it) can be a real show-stopper when it comes to negotiation and healthy communication. I just saw a 10 year old poly relationship implode because of this very same dynamic.
Well, since I am a Witch, and I do read Tarot, and I DO believe in Divine Guidance, I could probably say Yes to any of these suppositions. However, it is simply my own belief that BF and I probably should have pursued being together all those years ago, but we just didnt. I agree that it is probably a pretty subjective and nonlogical way of determining whether or not a relationship is viable or in my best interests, but this is how I operate. I dont really intend to stop now.

I also believe that my husband and I were "meant" to be together, and my first husband who first brought me to Wicca and to poly, and all of the previous relationships before them. My personal belief system is that each person we meet is a teacher for us. Maybe it's destined, maybe its random. But I dont doubt that it's for a reason.
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