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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
So it kind of sucks that my mom prolly won't ever really know who I really am, but she doesn't want to. She mainly just wants her view of me to go unchallenged. Okay, I can do that, as long as she respects my boundaries.
Yea - I hate to see this Fidelia
It seems there's this certain 'role' that parents take on when they have children that is actually personal. It's about them. Some kind of ego challenge to "bring up my child 'right'" And when they stick too rigidly to their own personal definition of "right" than any variance self-labels them as having failed. They don't want that rubbed in their faces. Rather they didn't know.
It seems the best family relationships I've seen often describe their relationships as 'best friends' ! The whole parent/child/sibling thing seems to evaporate.
Back to that wonderful concept & discussion that shows up about the value of the 'friendship' outlook.
Respect & love without expectations.

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