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Originally Posted by assets View Post
thanks for your insights, I have a lot to think about. I am going to be starting counseling next week and hopefully that will help to address my issues. After that i will tackle S on going back to couples counseling with me.

It is not an option of going back to just S and I sadly. I don't think that M and i will ever have a good relationship again, there is a lot of hurt there but who knows. But S is determined to keep his relationship with M and that may break he and I up.
You sound very unhappy and you are in love with someone who knows his behavior is hurting you but is not changing his behavior to stop hurting you. I'm not talking even about the other woman, but about leaving you out, not making time for you, and not talking to you, etc. What are you getting out of this relationship? You want it to "be like it was" or to "be what it could be," but what is it? Now? Really?
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