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Default Feeling for you

I am not sure why I am posting a reply. Lord knows that I am quite a jam myself! Yet, the best that I can offer is simply my support and hope that when the time comes for you to have that "talk", that things between you too will turn out to the good. Now, what exactly "to the good" means I am not sure. Our hearts were never installed with on and off switches. If anything it seems more like our hearts are garage doors and that God has mischievously tossed out an uncertain number of working remotes into the populace. And that at random, should we be near they.. "Click" that button and just leave us stripped bare and open.(in the most amazing of ways) I pray that your husband may come to accept your feelings. At the LEAST, accept and maybe even understand. Whether he chooses to continue on with you in your life however, will of course have to be a choice that he will have to come to terms with. I am certain that if you could still have your husband and include the others of your heart you would. Take care of yourself fox.
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