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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Do you actually do that, though? Man, is that ever cumbersome. I can't even begin to imagine replacing "my friend" with "this person who is friends with me" on a regular basis. Humans are lazy, and that usually means saying things the quickest way possible. That's why people constantly end sentences with prepositions. "The man to whom I'm married" is like 3 times as many words as "my husband." That's just inefficient!
Use it as introduction, then switch to just using their name. The cumbersomeness is a one-time-only deal if done right.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
As a side note, I'm pretty certain my mom would be mortified if I started referring to her as "the woman who is in a mother-daughter relationship with me." In fact, to me, that whole approach seems to actually take away from the connectedness. My husband is no longer special, he's just some guy who happens to have his name listed on the same marriage certificate as mine.
I guess it's just me, but I kinda go squee at both of these, lol!

And yes, I've actually used "Rg., the woman who has born me" a bunch of times instead of "my mother", and addressed her with her first name herself, too, in the last years of her life. I've only become comfier with using the M-word again now that she's dead, as there's no risk anymore I could be detracting from both of our (hard-won) independence that way.
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