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Originally Posted by LovelyFuture View Post
. . . I finally told him I wanted to move out to my own place, and continue seeing Boyfriend and FirstIntenseGuy. That's when Boyfriend put his foot down and told me that if I moved out, he'd be destroyed & wouldn't ever talk to me again.
Well, that's just manipulation! His emotional well-being is not your responsibility - he's being a baby and having a tantrum. Clearly, he feels a need to be in control of your body, heart, and life. Why do you let him get away with that? He won't be destroyed if you leave him - and I say that as someone who was devastated by my marriage ending - he will survive. If he can't function without you, that's his own damn fault, not yours, so stop playing that game and coddling him - that is, if you truly want to have satisfying, fulfilling, adult relationships.
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