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Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
Where my concern is, is that all of the separate relationships could create an issue in making it to the "goal" of being in one relationship with the three of us. I feel like we should be doing it all together. Even though I am ok with the status quoe It just feels like there will be problems with connecting as on unit if so much time is being dedicated to the separation.
Well, do the three of you share that goal? If so, then you will all be working toward that. how to find out? Talk about it! If you do not all share that goal, then it's going to be a frustrating struggle to make it happen.

Most people feel better to least each relationship develop as it will - organically if you like. You have four relationships that can each develop - the ones between each pairing (3) and the one of the three of you together - spending time to nurture each of these and to see what they can be is very important. I would advise against trying to make it fit some mold or pre-conceived idea if you can. Let it be whatever it will be.

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