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Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
What is your take on this set up?
pretty much my standard answer - if it works for all three of you, then more power to ya!

Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
Do you think that its a good Idea.
It's a Good Idea if it meets the needs of the three of you - nobody else has any right to tell you otherwise, and is just meddling, in my opinion.

Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
Do you see problems from rising from this situation?
Since I don't know the individuals involved that is a very difficult question to answer.

Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
How can I give them space without making it seem like I'm being standoffish because I'm jealous or upset (which I'm not)
OK the answer to this is both simple and complicated. Communicate. And do it a LOT. Make sure that all three of you understand each others hopes and expectations to the point where there is no doubt. A lot of the secret of making this work is developing a trust between you - trusting that you know what the other wants out of it and that they aren't hiding it or leaving out "inconvenient truths".

When you talk about this, work through the logistics of the dynamics of your relationship, including alone time for each of you individually, and as couples different people have different needs and it's important to understand them so you can plan around them.

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