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Default Unpopular opinion follows

How, in discussions with hub, do i get him to realize that my ability to meet someone off-line is impossible & that starting off as a fwb is a possible way for me to meet another potential poly-mate? I'm a sahm who has a very limited social life.
I was a sahm for years. Now I am a part time student.
But-at no point in time did I ever have an issue meeting people in real life. In fact, I don't understand how you even come to the conclusion its impossible.

As for the rest-it's all personal preference and many here have issue with my view on this-but as far as I am concerned-once you add sex to the equation-the probability of building a healthy long term relationship (if you haven't already managed to address that) is reduced exponentially.

NRE is a bullshit excuse for rushing the relationship train to the bedroom.

I was clear as day with my SO's. If they choose to fuck before a friendship is established between ALL OF US and the other party-that person won't ever be a part of our family dynamic. Period.
They are free to fuck whoever they want-they can have fwb with whomever they want. But those people aren't welcome to participate in our family dynamic.
If they want someone to have the opportunty of being a part of OUR family dynamic-they can table sex until we have established a functional friendship with them as a family.
(and no-we don't date together-we all have very different tastes in lovers)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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