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WOW! It appears that I've sparked some conversation since yesterday. On the topic of my wife being "bisexual"...explaining that is like a non-engineer explaining an engineering concept to a group of engineers. What I am trying to convey is that my wife has more of an interest in women than she does men. She thinks that women are beautiful, sensual creatures. Men and penises just aren't as sexy. She also had a 10 minute "lesbian experience" years ago before we got together where her and another woman were kissing and touching each other but didn't go any further because it was in a party-type environment. It was at that moment that she realized that she's interested in women too. Here's where it gets a little strange however. My wife gets along better with men than women, or so she says. I'm not trying to stereotype but she's a straight shooter and despises drama (I'm not trying to say that women are drama filled but I guess her experiences have shaped her). We are both as drama free as possible. In a way, this almost seems a bit contradictory that she makes a statement like that and at the same time, is interested in women. We can be out in public and she'll see me eyeing a hot girl and she'll say "yeah, I'd do her too". And the reason why poly seems like more of a fit for us is we want a consistent relationship where possible instead of just swinging. There needs to be an emotional connection, especially for me. I've never been able to separate the two actually.

Anyway, I digress. The short answer here is she's more interested in women than men and I'm interested in women. We want meaningful relationships and a triad would be the ideal situation but it appears that getting there will require us to venture off on our own until it can evolve to that.
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