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I have been holidaying with friends. We combined a trip away with a running race.

Everybody I was away with is childless. One of my friends is married (to another friend of mine) but her husband is much older than her and both me and the other friend who was with us are unmarried. Other friend has been mostly single (other than fairly casual dating relationships) for the 20 or so years I've known her.

Our conversation turned to our old age and who will look after us? We have all in slightly different ways chosen lifestyles that mean we are unlikely to have the safety net of family around us. We decided that the thing to do would be to all put ourselves in the same old folks home as each other (along with any partners and friends in similar situations that any of us have at the time).

I actually think that coming together to care for each other will have to happen before then. I have a number of friends who are unmarried and childless and who don't own houses or have pension provisions. I suspect that anybody among my group of friends who has a house, space and money from a pension will find housemates from among those who have nothing.

I've long thought that it is up to those of us who choose to live outside of the traditional safety nets to look out for each other and be each other's family and care system when its needed. Good to hear that those who I choose to have as friends think similarly.

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