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Lightbulb The second start

Hello all,

My wife and I started having a NSA physical relationship with one of my old friends (female) it started developing into more then that very fast which we all acknowledged but didnt dont anything to slow down. It ended as fast as it started due to some issue my wife and I had to work out.

Needless to say my wife and I both had/have strong feeling for our sweet sweet Nikki. My wife has always looked at being with women as just a sexual thing until Nikki and has never thought of having a emotional relationship with a female. During the "abrupt" ending of our NSA that started to not be so NSA Nikki and I had sex with the understanding that my wife and I were done....."Wrong" my wife felt betrayed and reverted back to women are for sex and men suck.

I'm happy to say we worked thing out. I confessed that I talked Nikki into sex under the premises my wife and I were done ... I mean come on she moved out...I told her that Nikki was really only trying to comfort me. With time and communication we were able to get past all that because we were all friends prior to out NSA dealings.

Ok that is the to the second start question...

We (my wife nikki and I) have decided to give the triad another shot with a new understanding and a new approach to pace and communication.

The current situation is that My wife and Nikki are dating each other and Nikki and I are just friends. they go out on dates and make day plans and once they re-connect and get that spark back between them we will connect all the parts (meaing we will all be together) I am cool with it. I want them to be close because if feel like my wife and I are close and I feel like Nikki and I are close and I think my wife and Nikki should be close as well.

What is your take on this set up? Do you think that its a good Idea. Do you see problems from rising from this situation? How can I give them space without making it seem like I'm being standoffish because I'm jealous or upset (which I'm not)

thank you for reading this whole thing. and thanks for your thoughtful response.

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