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Red face Update - guilt projection

Late last night, more it was really early this morning, we had a late night of fun, he tells me he had sex a couple times with his co-worker. The roller coaster of emotions he has been projecting at me have been caused because of guilt. We are definitely moving forward in a good direction.

I was not angry, very happy for him that he is finding others who find him attractive, but did let him know it was not fair how he could not be honest with me & instead made me feel bad that I am poly. This was a good conversation.

I am also letting him be aware of my boundaries. I do want to know who he is seeing but going into details about physical aspects I am personally not into hearing. I have my own insecurities about baby scars & i know he loves me & my body. I am just not ready to hear about physical perfectness of a woman many years younger than me (does that mske sense)?

It's his day off today so we're relaxing & cuddling.

Thank you everyone for helping me get through these last few days. Today is good, tomorrow could go either way, but I am so happy I can evolve personally & look forward to what life has to offer.
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