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I feel like the Grinch, my heart is two sizes too small. I miss C already, no IM pings all weekend and none this morning. I was possibly a little overly optimistic in imaging I would be over him in 48 hours. I am still holding onto to the hope that the break is really just a break to sort out some things. Are your feet wet? Can you see pyramids? De Nile.

I saw K yesterday, he came for a beach day with his wee one. We didn't talk relationships, rather hard with 3 small kids creating chaos. It appears he is making "an effort". I am not sure I want him to make an effort. I think he is a great person but he is all over the place with the FWBS ( I think they are FBS really) and life in general. He has had his new flat for 2 weeks and still hasn't spent a night there as he can't get moved in. Really? 2 weeks? It is not like he can't afford to hire some help, he just can't get it organized. He didn't have any furniture to move, ordered in new stuff. The quintessential absent minded professor, he has a brilliant mind, but wow he is unorganized. Frequently very late and even forgot one date entirely, rearranged his schedule to fix it, then forgot he was lending his car to someone.

The joy of blogging, there it is in black and white. I can't start up with him again.

Still no IM ping, sigh....
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