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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
While I personally wouldn't want to use someone just to be my "bisexual experience / relationship," I think that as long as they're open and upfront about that, then what's the big deal?
It has nothing to do with labels, I am quite ambivalent about the whole label debate and fairly happy to accept whatever people feel about what they want to call themselves.

It is because bisexuality is an orientation and it simply doesn't make sense in a threesome activity. If a man is in bed with a woman the sex he is having is not "bisexual sex' no matter what the other two women (or visa versa in the case of a MFM threesome) and that niggles at my pedantic nature.

It has nothing to do with the LGBT community because I am pretty sure they don't spend spend many hours figuring out the proper way to refer to a threesome but I daresay I am still correct that the people who use those terms are not well versed in LGBT politics.

So if someone chooses to label it as a bisexual or lesbian experience, who gives you the authority to take that away from them?
I am not taking anything from anyone, I am expressing an opinion on a internet forum and I don't think hysterical language like I am 'taking' something from someone is very helpful now is it?
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