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Smile Hello There

I'm Yukue and I live in Canada. I'm 19 years old and will be heading off to university in 3 weeks.

I'm not polyamoric (is that the word?), I just like learning about new things. I particularly like learning about the different sexual orientations, romantic orientations, and all other orientations I don't even know about yet. I learned about polyamory a couple weeks ago through a youtube video by Laci Green. I have a very open mind towards many, if not, all things. I just have the opinion that all people should live their lives however they want, identify as whatever they choose to identify as, and express their selves however they wish. I'm here as an ally.

I am an aromantic asexual. In case you don't know, that means I don't feel romantic attraction or sexual attraction towards anybody. I do like making friends though

Chances are you'll rarely see me post anything since I'm a wallflower. I'm just here to read and learn about the different aspects of polyamory.
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