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Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
Interesting. So when you do have to communicate about the things that matter, then do you have to find ways to keep it short and to the point?
Yes, definitely. SchrodingersCat put it nicely:

He would probably love it if I could give him Cliffnotes versions of what goes through my head. I'm not there yet, mostly because I figure out what's in my head by talking it out. So I try my best not to go on and on and on and on, and he tries his best to listen when I go on and on (only 2 ons instead of 4.)
I have noticed that for me it is best to do the figuring out my thoughts with someone else first and then give him a short(ish, it is really hard to keep it very short) version of the most important things. Often I talk hours on the phone with my female friends or spend a whole weekend with my OSO more or less trying to figure out something, and then give my husband a summary of all that.
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