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Wow Marcus, this new addition to the thread is just what I needed for an eye-opener. Thank you for sharing this.

My views of commitment are not unlike yours. Although I am married, what that has always meant to me is that as long as my husband and I still love each other and want to be together, we are committed to working together through whatever wrenches life throws in our gears; that we won't throw in the towel just because living with someone entails challenges that single people don't face. Of course, there's nothing preventing anyone from doing that outside of a marriage, but for me it seems like the "official" commitment helps me remember it a little better. The legal benefits don't hurt, either...

The eye-opener call is that recently, I don't think I've been applying your philosophy in both directions. While I've been expressing myself when and how I want, I haven't been very accepting of my husband expressing his love when and how he wants. I had set expectations that were probably unrealistic, and was getting disappointed when he wasn't living up to them. After reading this, I realize how unfair that is.
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