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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
There are community members who have similar approaches to poly as Redpepper and Polynerdist. The focus in these relationships is relationships. It just happens that some of the most visible members of our community are in different places with respect to their approach to poly and have different objectives than us.
I don't see a great schism impending but there may be some natural change occurring. I would feel the same amount of "separation" if there was a group of them that wanted to play baseball...I have zero time for it and so wouldn't join...and watching them would bore me senseless.
After the game I'm sure we could all get together for coffee, a beer and some chat though. Sexuality is only one aspect of our community and after all...poly is not all about sex right
Yea - I like this outlook Mon
Glad you don't see the big schism because that would be kind of unfortunate.
But hopefully it's just typical group dynamics - different times different things get hot, then fade as something else replaces them. Patience and understanding. Like you said about the baseball, can't play baseball all the time. Even that gets boring. And sucks in the snow with a white ball.

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