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Originally Posted by classycaveman View Post
I researched how our brains act when we are developing a new relationship, about infatuation, friendship, serotonin, oxytocin... trying to identify what
We started having sex again a couple months later, and have been on and off for the last year. A couple weeks ago we started saying "I love you" again, even though we aren't thinking of getting back together in the traditional way. The thing I notice now though, is that there is no guilt, no pressure, nothing negative associated with those words any longer. It's not a lie, it's how I feel. It's pure and honest and it never felt that way while we were a couple.
Thanks Caveman for sharing those thoughts.
I think a lot of people may find them helpful and clarifying. It would be great if everyone did the 'homework' as you did on the biological sides and learned about what in poly circles is often referred to as NRE.

And your later quote illustrates nicely what I was saying somewhere about how true, close friendships form the best foundations for deeper relationships.

Great points - thanks again.

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