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Originally Posted by london View Post
I think it's obvious that you're now incompatible. Instead of waiting until you hate each other and yourselves for not having your needs met, why not call it a day?

I have to agree with the general sense of this comment. Has anyone played out the possible scenarios of what you want or whats being suggested ?

You have a roommate relationship. You start spending more time with BF. You starting a sexual relationship with BF. Him finding a gf ...starting sexual relationship. You forcing yourself to be the in house sex worker to facilitate the other side of this trade (keeping someone happy) All these seem to have higher odds of going down the same negative path ...split/divorce. Even him finding a GF...( deck stacked so heavily against him ) but let say he does ....door pretty open to a cowgirl ...or wider still of him finding a more suitable life partner. Unless that's part of the soft let down and exist strategy.

Sounds to me like he is agreeing to hang on and not break up the family? Outside of that why would he want to stay married to you ? do you have a good high paying job, you're a great housekeeper, etc, etc ....or the fear of being ripped apart in a divorce?

I might of asked this before sorry if I did ...Is he a member and has he read this thread ?

I know one way to get over things is to see and hear the hard truth. Sensing your wife might not be in the mood is one thing ...KNOWING she been doing it out of obligation or pity is quite another. Also knowing if all obstacles were removed it would be a completely different story.

Roles reversed how would you react if he or the new Bf told you that?
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