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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Yes I am saying that there does seem to be a big emphasis on sex and who to get with right now in my community. Thanks for asking for the clarification and allowing me to set the record straight.
Well, hopefully it's just a phase - spring is in the air
It would be a shame if the group drifts totally in that direction as I'm sure you're not the only one who is "full" from a sexual perspective and it will get boring for others too and discourage participation.
Hopefully you or someone else can bring some other stuff out on the table that everyone can relate to - or most at least. Maybe that fact itself ? That over time even the friskiest people get kind of maxed out on sexual partners and there's a place for other stuff besides.
Should be time for both (all).

Then again, maybe your particular group really is just more "swing" inclined (I'm sensing that's your fear?) and there will never be a lot of interest in some of the other pieces of poly living.

But like you say - you seem to enjoy "being out there" anyway and no doubt you'll add your own distinct flavor <wink> to the group.

Time will tell I guess ? Dynamics change like the weather in most groups.


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