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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Morning RP,

So are you saying that in your particular group there's a big emphasis on sex and maybe less on some of the bigger picture topics of poly living or just general sharing of community ?

Thank you GS. I was not looking for a comparison to other poly communities out there, but some empathy that I find myself in the one that is more leaning to the swinging end of poly and I am figuring out where I fit if at all when I seemingly do not fit!

Of course I know that some people are out there, just because they like to be! I am one of them! With all due respect, I thought that was obvious... guess not. It's a tad frustrating to me that I have to explain as I have already in this thread I thought.

Yes I am saying that there does seem to be a big emphasis on sex and who to get with right now in my community. Thanks for asking for the clarification and allowing me to set the record straight.
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