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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I am fascinated by the asexual point of view when it comes to relationships. I was only recently introduced to the topic by IV, who is very interested in expanding her understanding of non-standard (I don't know how else to say it) sexuality like asexual and transgender. I suspect that a non-sexual approach to relating could probably shed some interesting light on how people relate to each other romantically.
I'm glad to hear people say they're interested in the asexual point of view. Well, actually many/most asexuals still hold standard or traditional relationship views, except that they don't want sex. But I do think being asexual has its advantages when it comes to adopting unconventional relationship views, generally speaking. For example, when sex is taken out of the picture, the line between romantic and platonic relationships becomes a lot more blurry and fluid ("What's the difference between romantic and platonic love" is one of the most frequently asked questions on AVEN, the biggest asexual forum).

For me personally, what makes romantic relationships different from platonic ones is the initial NRE/infatuation stage and desire for physical intimacy. But once the NRE has faded, a romantic relationship can feel pretty much like "friendship with sensual benefits" to me. My relationship with A probably looks like "just a close friendship" and therefore "incomplete" by mainstream standard (especially with the long distance), but for me, a relationship in the grey area between "just friendship" and full-blown romance is awesome, because it's effortless and drama-free.
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