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Originally Posted by Eponine View Post
But as I adapted to relationship anarchist thinking and got inclined to dissolve the romace/friendship distinction, I started to comfortably call my relationship with A "friends with romantic/sensual benefits."
This is certainly a point of comfort I am working toward. If my romantic relationships could be as constructive, positive, and effortless as my platonic friendships I would be in a pretty amazing place! I still struggle at times, finding leftover social tradition which doesn't line up with my worldview, but I think that's just part of the journey.

I am fascinated by the asexual point of view when it comes to relationships. I was only recently introduced to the topic by IV, who is very interested in expanding her understanding of non-standard (I don't know how else to say it) sexuality like asexual and transgender. I suspect that a non-sexual approach to relating could probably shed some interesting light on how people relate to each other romantically.
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