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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
We have the same view of FWB and fuckbuddy, the reason you have a different reaction is because you are not struggling your brain instinctively conflating those two terms. Upon a bit of reflection and discussion it has become pretty clear that's what was happening. I am still not comfortable with the term FWB because it still gives me the same knee-jerk response but once I give it enough time and reflection I will eventually recognize it for what it is.
I can relate to that. Now I've been pretty familiar with and accepting of InsaneMystic's view on FWB (which is similar to IV's), through our discussions on another forum. But the first time I read about it, my gut feeling was "but a relationship is more than that..." The funny thing is, as asexuals, when we talk about FWB it doesn't even have to be sexual benefits, but I still had a knee-jerk reaction to conflate FWB and fuck buddies.

I think another issue for me in the past was I still saw a romantic relationship as "more than" a non-romantic one such as FWB. But as I adapted to relationship anarchist thinking and got inclined to dissolve the romace/friendship distinction, I started to comfortably call my relationship with A "friends with romantic/sensual benefits."
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