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I don't remember who, but someone posted something I found very helpful. Reminder that the term DADT comes from the military practice, where it was okay to be gay, just as long as no one found out. If you were "caught," you got kicked out. (It did not, in fact, work, but that's another discussion). So, whatever it means for you, it does already have connotations...

Continuing that analogy, I can date whoever I want, I just can't let my partner find out, or the relationship might be over. It means things like lying about going to the grocery store, when you're really slipping out to see a lover. If you can handle being someone's "dirty little secret," it can work, I suppose, but it's not my cup of tea.

Seems that most people are on similar pages, though Marcus is right about no one being able to come to consensus here :-p

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