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I'm actually happy now exploring, building relationships. I like being affectionate, texting, two are now available as sexual partners, but both know that they are not the only friend I have. One has another sexual partner who has a girlfriend who does not know about her and her other boyfriend doesn't know about me....who's on first??? I understand.

Anyway, I am having fun. The biggest problem now is I told one friend about the whole poly stuff and she is freaking out. She knows I'm seeing others but hopes its just a phase, but says no matter what we will always be good friends.

I might just be enjoying my new status, single, to extremes and might settle down with one, right now, I like many women. I feel good with each one. I like holding hands, hugging, some kiss, some don't, petting with some, some not, I don't use the L word, I want to but seems like it gets misinterpreted as meaning exclusivity.

I don't know anyone who is poly, my daughter mentioned it when I commented I figured out that I must be a Mormon or something.

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