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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
I guess I am confused. What does hubs think you should be doing instead? I agree as a sahm, your opportunity to meet others the more traditional way is limited.
Well this morning he was very upset. He's now feeling dejected, thinks he'll never be able to meet another person because he's married and how could a single or other married woman want to be involved with a married man. Yes he's working a lot and doesn't have time to go out. Yet he flirts with all the female co-workers, he's even kissed one but she's way too young so he feels she is off limits. Then he starts getting a crush on another. He's driving me nuts .

I'm starting to think he's more mono than poly or if he is poly he's feeling a huge amount of envy at the fact I can find a guy with a snap of my fingers. Jealousy that he has to work harder at it. I also think that if he has a huge amount of insecurities that have always been there since before we married.

I've got quite the headache today from the emotional roller coaster that he gives to me each day. Upset in the morning, feeling better mid-day, totally gung ho when he gets home. Is this normal for one partner to feel these things when starting out in the poly world?

It's funny because he's the one who suggested and now he's the one having resistance to it. He loves sharing me sexually (as long as he can be there) but I've discovered he is not ready to share me emotionally. How do I help him overcome that insecurity? It doesn't matter how much I show/tell him I love him and I would never end us because I feel for another, he's still fearful that we will divorce one day.
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