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[We often open with "we're best friends" and then the rest follows.
There's something about what most people seem to feel about real, close friendship that .....takes an edge off ? Maybe it downplays certain old dynamics and expectations ? Hard to describe.
But there's a certain dynamic in a deep friendship that we respect & embrace fondly. An understanding that although we might not see eye-to-eye on everything, have different tastes in things etc, that when the chips are down none of that matters. We just know we're going to stand together, be there for each other.
If any relationship can grow from that foundation and KEEP it intact you can get through most anything together. But something about tagging the relationship with other labels - marriage, lovers,BF,GF - you name it seems to cast shadows over the friendship. Somehow, it and all the wonderfully positive things that made it work get lost.



Here is something I do understand. Many of the multiple women I am dating are becoming very good friends. Thank you.
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