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Of course there are a lot of other possibilities on the scale. For example- you may not be interested in being social with the OSO but want to hear all the details of the relationship- emotional and sexual. Or only want to know about the emotional part but not the sexual-or you may want to hear about the sexual part but not the emotional part.

Or- you may want to spend social time with the OSO but not want to hear about the relationship.

The other issue is that each person in the relationship is different on how they want to experience these aspects- and not only that, but that could actually change from one relationship to the other.

I personally would prefer to be social with everyone and know everything- that is just how I am- but each person in the configuration has their own personal boundaries so I have to honor that.

Also- I may not particularly like one of the OSOs and I may decide not to pursue social intersections with them (even if they want it) just because I don't feel a social compatibility.

I like scales and it would be fun to develop yours more! But I'm thinking that the possibilities are so endless that it would be hard to put it on one page! It might be fun to try though. I wonder if anyone has already put one together?
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