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Originally Posted by drtalon View Post
I'm very curious what this group thinks.
This group doesn't agree on a single solitary thing, I assure you lol

To me for an agreement to qualify as DADT it includes a degree of denial. It is a retreat from the necessity of coming to terms with the reality of someone's life. It is refusing to take part in growing intimacy when it comes to that aspect of their lives. It is allowing insecurity and fear to dictate the nature of a relationship instead of desire and personal preference.

It would be the first entry on your list, though the second entry is dangerously close.

The last entries on your list are about a sense of propriety and interest in hearing the details of other people's lives. While IV and I will discuss her sex life with her partners in the abstract, I don't want for her to describe the wet smacking noises of her love making. It's just more information than I'm interested in. This is not a denial of the reality of her life or excluding myself from intimate details, it is just personal preference.

I also don't want to hear the details of her bowel movements - to put things in perspective.
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