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Default A new adventure

Hi everyone,

I am Amstel, I am a 25 year old female and I live in Europe. I stumbled upon this website in my search for information about polyamory and more in general to an approach to relationships that would fit the needs of me and my partners. Currently I am in a 4 year relationship with boyfriend B, and started dating girlfriend S about a year ago. S is also in a committed long term relationship with boyfriend D, they live together about 40 minutes away from me. B and I don't live together but very close to each other.

After falling in love with S and still being in love with B we talked a lot and discovered that we were both poly. B and me were already in a very nice and open relationship, but actually falling in love with someone was something entirely different than just having multiple sexual partners. B is ok with this situation now and very interested and supportive. For D the whole idea is still scary since he is converting from complete monogamy to a complete poly lifestyle, and it wasn't his idea. He's seems really willing to give it a shot though.

I am still a student, combining a bachelor degree in Philosophy with my creative tendencies. I am very interested in art, literature, philosophy and fashion and I love to create, to connect and to reflect on live. I feel very free being able to create the life I want for myself, but I realize that living outside the lines of the coloring book can be challenging at times, I joined this forum because I hope to learn something from the more experienced people here.

Thanks for reading this little introduction, I'll be around! (Please correct me if there's something incorrect or even weird in my formulations or spelling, English in my third language, I appreciate it.)

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