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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think that the term Friends with Benefits probably rankled you because it gets tossed around a lot, and most people seem to really mean Fuck Buddy when they say FWB...Perhaps your first reaction was connected to the thought that you ought to be regarded as more than a fuck buddy
That seems to be the case. Intellectually I know that they should mean very different things but they are so often used interchangeably that I think I'm just trained to see them as being the same.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
It is interesting that she was talking about CV and you extrapolated from there and applied the FWB to yourself when she actually did not apply it to you at that moment. What kept you from asking her what she would call her relationship with you during the initial conversation? Did you not want to hear her answer, in case she did indeed think of you that way?
IVs feelings and thoughts are not a mystery to me. We have had many explicit conversations about how she views relationships; both from the abstract and in detail. When she and CV were having this conversation it wasn't new information and I know that it does apply to how she approaches her relationship with me.

It makes sense that you'd ask this question but in this particular case it isn't a communication breakdown.
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