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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
I guess that's why my reaction to the term FWB is pretty different from yours, Marcus... where you see it as devaluing your ship, to my ears the same connotations of non-committal are a pedigree of freedom and mutual love.
We have the same view of FWB and fuckbuddy, the reason you have a different reaction is because you are not struggling your brain instinctively conflating those two terms. Upon a bit of reflection and discussion it has become pretty clear that's what was happening. I am still not comfortable with the term FWB because it still gives me the same knee-jerk response but once I give it enough time and reflection I will eventually recognize it for what it is.

This is just another one of those hurdles I needed to get through; another trapping of traditional thought my mind hasn't figured out how to wriggle out of yet. It's a process so I'm glad to be working through it.
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