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Default With L Alone

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

Why don't you have sex with L alone ....if it was all about sex ??
I have been with L alone, once, & it was just as amazing as when L & hub share me in the same moment. L lives a 1/2 hour away & can rarely have me at his place so he comes to ours. Gas gets expensive.

The one time I did go to L's, stayed there for just over 5 hours, but late at night, our 2 y.o. woke. Hub said it was hard to get her back to sleep since I normally breastfeed her when she wakes. I think on that one visit for hub he was dealing with jealousy & envy issues so he was trying to guilt me for falling asleep at L's.

Hub is getting more accepting of the changes we both are & will continue to face in this lifestyle.
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