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Originally Posted by LovelyFuture View Post
Honestly, sometimes I think I would do better being a single poly person. It's just hard to even think about that when my SO says he will never speak to me again if I move out of the house we share. He's not willing to see me if I become a single poly. Sigh.
Or you can have non-hierarchical poly relationships, which means, even if you live with one of your SOs, it doesn't give him the privilege to restrict your other relationships; all your SOs are on a level playing field without an arbitrary rule saying any one of them is above all others. It seems that you're more suited for solo poly or non-hierarchical poly, but your SO prefers swinging or hierarchical poly with a strict primary vs. secondary division. You need to talk about exactly what kind of relationship configuration each of you want, and see if it's possible to find a middle ground.
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