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Originally Posted by london View Post
He has to understand that meeting your others is his need. Their need might be in opposition. Do you need your partners to meet?
No, I don't need my partners to meet, it's not a necessity for me. It makes Boyfriend feel better to meet them, so I do it because I want him to feel comfortable.

Originally Posted by Emm View Post
When it happens in the context of a monogamous relationship it may be quite normal. When it comes up and is dealt with in an open relationship then it may be a quirk and/or an incompatibility. When it's used to guilt-trip a partner in what has been established as an open relationship for years it becomes a character flaw.
That sounds correct - to the credit, though, of Boyfriend, we've only had very short flings, mostly with out-of-towners, and this year is the first time that one of us has tried to pursue something serious with someone in town, so it's the first time we're navigating this "portion" of what an open relationship means...when you have a longer-term outside partner in mind...

Pretty wild that it took so long for one of us to pursue something like this, & bring this conversation to the forefront...
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