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Originally Posted by london View Post
So if you saw them less but still felt as intensely about them, then what? Say you saw a guy three times a week for NSA sex, and another guy who you didnt have sex with, saw once month, but was head over heels in love with, who would bother him more?
Ha, it almost sounds like a brain teaser...if two trains leave their stations...
You know, I will try and ask him this question.


Originally Posted by Emm View Post
It appears that it's your BF who's the one going away, so I don't buy the "it's mainly the time I spend away" argument. If BF isn't in town when you're out on a date then it's not as if your dating is taking away from time you could be spending with him. It sounds more like a control or ownership issue.
It does sound like ownership. He wants to know that I am his and he is mine, & he wants all outside parties to know this, that he is the #1.

I think the fact that I happened to pursue these 2 outside relationships on the rare 2 occasions that he left town...makes him feel out of control. He wants to meet the person that I'm seeing, so as to establish himself in their minds, so he's not a figment to them, he's a real person. As for the fact that both relationships were furthered while he was away, it could be a coincidence, but perhaps it's more likely that I subconsciously feel more "free" when he's away.
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