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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
Actually developing a relationship with another woman is probably the healthiest thing he could do, but only once he's in a good place.

Once he realizes choosing to live a poly lifestyle with you means the ability to be with another woman (should he meet one and fall in love naturally), I think he may be very happy and grateful to be with you
Yes, this is how our story went (so far.) After over a year of falling apart every time I went out with the boyfriend, he finally got a relationship of his own, as he wanted, but he wasn't really attracted to her, she was just available for him. Four months and two girlfriends later, he's now with a woman who loves him as much as he loves her and he's genuinely happy. (And the sexual chemistry/attraction is there.) We get to talk about how he handled things in the past and how we all want to handle them in the future.

He's really a much better person now, to me and to himself. But he did have to have a couple quick relationships to finally realize that he needed more than someone to "fill the void." Trial and error, but it worked out well.
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