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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
Actually developing a relationship with another woman is probably the healthiest thing he could do, but only once he's in a good place
I got involved with a couple a while back and I didn't realize that I was the only woman (other than his wife) that he had been involved with. I liked them as a couple, but eventually it came out that he is insecure, needy etc. once I began to back away from them because of the drama that started coming out, he went into a depression.....literally stayed in bed for two days. It was not a good thing.

One of the things I have realized about this lifestyle is that it is easier for women to thrive. It is a lot more difficult for men. I advised her to "assist" him in meeting women and couples- which she did and things have gotten better for them.

Not advise I would give to everyone, but I have seen couples that were struggling in the lifestyle and after suggesting that they approach it as a couple for a while - I have seen good results! But the relationship has to have a good foundation to begin with.
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