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I haven't heard from my new person in a week! We had our date on July 31, he called me on Aug 2nd. After a few days I figured he'd want/expect me to call him, so I did. He had told me to call anytime, he's always available in the evenings, so I called around 9PM, but it went straight to voicemail, didn't even ring. I left a message.

A couple days later I messaged him on okc saying I'd called, was he OK? No response. So... maybe shit is going down with his wife. I wish I knew. I wish he'd just shoot me a line on okc. The sucky thing is, he was on okc on Aug 6, and I msged him there on Aug 7, so it's not like he doesn't check there. He must've gotten an email notification I PMed him.

Yes, I know I sound like a 14 year old... *laughing at myself*

Maybe it's all for the best if he just drops out of sight.

In other news, I got more details about miss pixi's date with her Subbie Boy. Seems there was more touching than I'd first been aware of. That is fine, she enjoyed herself. Funny thing was, SB found it so overwhelming to be open to her, vulnerable in the fairly mild D/s they did, he left after an hour date. He's been messaging her ever since. He's never been so open to anyone as he is to her. It's very challenging for him.

Ginger has been unable to schedule another date with Mischa (she's so busy), and felt unmotivated to contact his male interest. Backburnered both while he adds a screen porch/shower to his cabin in the woods.

Meanwhile, it was my birthday. miss p took me on a whale watch out of Boston Harbor and then out for sushi afterwards! We had close encounters with 2 humpbacks. What a fantastic day! The following day was just as fun: Ginger took me on a lazy river canoe trip. We had the river to ourselves for hours, lots of privacy for a picnic on a bank and outdoor sex. One more perk of having 2 stable lovers-- 2 great birthday celebrations!
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