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See-I see your point Mono-but I wouldn't do it your way Lemondrop.
I know why most people WOULD-but for me, I have a 17 year relationship with GG and an 11 year relationship with Maca-10 in marriage. I also share biological children with both of them, and the raising of 4 children (the oldest was with GG since she was 18 months-she's 18 years now/the 13 year old has been with all of us since he was 18 months old/the 10 year old has been with all of us his whole life, as has the baby).
If I were forced to say which one would have the greater impact, I wouldn't be able to. Different impacts, but both equally significant and I've spent HOURS of my time considering it.
I would say they are both DEFINITELY primary in my life.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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