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Default De-briefing follow up. Got home late from work the next night and we all settled into our usual evening routine - each on our own computer, listening to music, and doing our own thing. After a little while I got up and kissed them goodnight and went to read in bed (working in the AM - had to get up early).

After a bit, Dude came and snuggled up against me for a few minutes and said "So do you want to hear about Jane2?"*. Hesitation (Am I ready to see how I respond to this? ). "Sure." He cuddles up with me..."Well, MrS dropped me off about the time that she was arriving and we all chatted for a bit, then MrS left to do his stuff, then we went inside and talked for a while, then we did x, then we did y, then we had the safer sex/STI talk and she told me p/d/q, and we talked about z. Then she said she wanted to have sex so we went up to bed and had sex...a couple of times.” >pause< I feel myself take a break to see if this disclosure makes me feel any different...It doesn't - *whew*! (I was pretty sure they had had sex, so this wasn't a real surprise.) >unpause< “Then we slept, then we woke up and fooled around. She left around noon to go take care of her cat and I slept for the rest of the afternoon until MrS picked me up.”

We cuddled for a bit and I told him that I HAD to know was that if they had sex, that they had used condoms, but I'm glad to know that they had a good time. We got up and went back out to the computers and I asked him if he wanted to read what I had written in my blog here. He did. When he got to this part:

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
PS. My biggest fear, at this point, is that Dude will want to share "too much" information. He has no filters (what-so-ever). I don't need every detail - the broad picture is good enough.
...he turned to me and asked. “So, did I do okay?” “Yes, sweetie, you did fine.”

The next day he asked me if I had posted to let you all know that he had done alright. It's a little late in coming but – now you know. He did fine.

They've been talking on the phone since then and tonight we (Dude, Jane2, MrS and I) all went out to dinner at a great restaurant in the city that none of us had been to before. Everything was good but some stuff was REALLY good (I wouldn't do it justice the way that BP would, so I won't try – BUT “sour cream ice cream” = YUM!). Enjoyable food, enjoyable company, enjoyable conversation. I didn't sense any awkwardness and everyone had a good time.

I don't know that Dude and Jane2 are going to hit it off, become friends or FWBs, or what. But she is a nice, comfortable, interesting person. She's poly-knowledgeable and poly-friendly but not certain if she is interested in being involved in a poly/open relationship again, and he's not real certain about the attraction level (I'm not getting NRE vibes). Whatever happens with them, I feel like I have learned something in the process.


*Funny coincidence but this girl and I share the same first name in real life. We (MrS and I) were teasing him that he was just trying to minimize the chances that he would get in trouble for calling someone the wrong name during an intimate moment.
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