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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
That might be a characteristic of your community, but I've noticed and known lots of people who are "out there" and visible in the poly world because they feel the need to be connected to a community or they feel a need to create and care for such communities, not necessarily out of a need broaden their hook up pool. I've also noticed that this doesn't correlate to whether they are in a more open or closed relationship structure. It just has to do with what the community means to them, regardless of their relationship structures.
Yes, I agree Ceoli. I think I put myself into that same category - it's nice to hang out with folks who "get it" when it comes to my relationship style - I don't have to explain or hide or feel ashamed when I sit there with my two loves. I am most definitely poly-saturated right now, so the idea of using it as a dating pool is far from my mind. I have met many new friends through this - people who I wouldn't ever have met if I hadn't had the local groups to which I have belonged.

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